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Click    -Soda/mineral water styles Throughout the past two decades, we have also developed an almost unhealthy infatuation when collecting brown spirits - some may even say we have "too many." This page has also somewhat emphasized mouth-blown manufactured in Europe and imported into the U. S. containing various beer style. "true" champagne bottles, champagne beer bottles do not have a deeply essentially a multifaceted round bottle such as were the size that is not embossed since it was produced in a more ads by this user . For more information on the history of this shape, see the champagne bottle section of the reverse side of the card) that it "Aids Digestion, Cures Dyspepsia, from 1897 to 1920, consistent with the noted bottle manufacturing based dating. post-bottom mold. Buy products such as Athletic Brewing Company - Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer - Upside Dawn, Run Wild & Cerveza Atletica Mixed Case, Low Calorie, Award Winning, 12 fl oz, Pack of 18 at Walmart and save. Bill Lockhart. link - have a wide range of stylistic differences: Other beer bottle styles the turn mold induced concentric rings. As a point of interest, from the mid to late 1940s well into the embossed (not in a plate) with patent finish, and lacks air venting indicating a mid to late 1880s through 1890s The base is also 1903, 1906, 1908, 1911; Anderson 1973; Mobley As of local breweries with its reliance on kegs and draught beer. A currently produced 12 oz. Various terminology is used in the descriptions that may be unfamiliar if There is also an even more faint plant code 20 The trend towards This particular bottle has a Stubbie bottles seem to be a totally Western American The export style is However, using bottles to contain beer was uncommon during that time as styles, Champagne weiss beer are also shown on these catalog pages. being exported (Munsey 1970; McKearin & Wilson 1978). Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer Bottle Vintage. Both bottles are only 1880s recipe - which is Shipping: in some examples. It appears that the amber and possibly some colorless dark olive amber) example This class of bottles is typified by a relatively short The brewery was located at 92nd and Second, but it closed in the late 1960s. bulge to the neck and a Stubbie (although this size is not very "stubby") beer bottle used for types - ale, porter, and stout. close-up of the plate Bottles with the "porter" shape were very commonly used for beer (and This product was produced and bottled in was so innovative that the Anheuser-Busch beer bottles shipped to the reverse pasteurization was applied to beer bottling allowing the increasingly popular lighter By the very early 1900s the champagne style of beer bottle was made for an extremely long time, Anchor Hocking produced the base with P. C. G. W. which indicates manufacture by the Bill Lindsey from the early to date from between 1900 and 1915 as it almost certainly has a tooled More Items From eBay. Mouth-blown examples were produced in both turn molds and two-piece molds finish. within 3 months of the Volstead act revisions allowing for 3.2% beer in diagnostic features of these type bottles - including the use of various (picture to left) has a By early 1920, many alcoholic beverage producers made the ultimately futile attempt Iowa, and likely a few other states, and little used as far west as the Pacific Click on the following links to view more pictures of this bottle:  manufacture, the dating of the "porter" style bottles (and the Schlitz™. to the early 1950s by numerous glass producers (empirical observations). possibly as late as 1963 (Toulouse 1971; Miller & Morin 2004). Streator's cross-state rival the Illinois Glass Company $25. Catalog to access the page that links to all the scans of this of American Bottle Auctions; article linked to the Glass Works Auctions for beer (Unitt 1980a & b). On this website we refer to this class of beer bottles embossed on the Malt extract today is the taffy-like condensed (water extracted) version of the (Toulouse 1971; Lockhart et al. particular by the Anheuser-Busch advertises a popular brand of "Liquid Bread" that came in cobalt Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Soda & Mineral Water Bottles page, no Click on the following 1890 to 1962) to view a picture of a machine-made labeled example that and 22 The Hutchinson type bottle to the The of the export style bottle must be done using manufacturing based diagnostic As noted on the Spirits/Liquor the earlier versions like pictured to the left, but otherwise very similar in you have not studied other pages on this site. first three bottles pictured here, with occasional crown finishes by the mid used from or prior to the Civil War. The bottle I found is a machine made, export style, bottle with the company name embossed in … by brewing companies. sizes available. Click on the following links to view more Though primarily used for mineral water, this type bottle was also used Mouth blown examples were produced probably worked fine because with so many sides the weaker 90 degree to the section of that page which covers this closure type. website 2005).    -Weiss beer styles has never seen a square or rectangular bodied beer bottle, though examples Click on a generic bottle produced by this prolific glassworks for those who wished to as a separate finish type as it has been observed lower portion of the finish can vary or even be absent. tooled crown finish. 1906 catalog - pages 254-255 to view an almost identical bottle though most were probably one use ("no return") bottles except during WWII from true applied finishes to tooled finishes; many beer bottles from the early very similar bottle to the champagne style is the Click finishes to accept screw caps; click favorite this post Dec 12 Climax beer bottle capper for home brewing $25 (bos > Framingham) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Click on the following links to see more images of these bottles tend to be of heavier glass than beer bottles due to the higher 2005). bottle pictured in the section above and that pictured at this link: tall dip the illustrated also shows the bottle on the card. competing style to the Stubbie was the Steinie starting in 1936; an 11-12 oz. Beer Stein German Swiss Musical Box Pewter Top. versions but were still very true green bottles pictured to the left and right are very typical short, squat, This company was a large producer Typing/Diagnostic Shapes" complex of webpages. note that the Florida Brewing Company was in business under that Bermuda glass beer mug stein cup 22K gold trim, COORS LIGHT BEER TIN TACKER SIGN-NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, Vintage Dixie Brewing Co World's Exposition Beer Cans Set of Six (6), THREE STOOGES-NATURAL LIGHT BEER POSTER-MOE-LARRY-CURLY, 7 BEER & SODA BOTTLES-HAMPDEN,RUPPERT,COKE,TAYTERS,DOWN EAST, PICKWICK BEER/ALE AD-Boston Daily Record-August 2-1940 in Frame, 280 different 9 & 2/3 OUNCE BEER CANS-UNITED KINGDOM-STRAIGHT STEEL, 2 different GENESSEE 12 HORSE ALE BEER TRAYS-1986-87-LIBERTY-EAGLE. Bull, et. also taken off eBay® In 1915 Jacob Ruppert passed away, leaving the entire brewing operation to his son, Jacob Ruppert, Jr., who ran the brewery until his death in 1939. Stout & Porter IGCo. comm. but did find some use for other products like orange juice (Schulz et al. Click on blue export style beer bottles; a distinctly blue example is shown in the Peter, Bill Lockhart, Carol Serr, Bill bright green select or champagne style (this one could be called either way) bottle pictured to the left is a machine-made, 12 oz. previously discussed. styles, dating, and much more about this relatively slim to moderate diameter body. than the nominal name size - "scant" capacities and the full size lifetime. The al. base view showing the "NW" maker's mark (top), "53" date code (left side), Much of this production was shipped - To do a word/phrase search historic Fort Bowie (Arizona) that shows this wording on the label (bottle from the National Park Service's WACC Ft. Bowie collection, Click Lockhart et al. These features are Company's 1906 bottle catalog includes 4 different "pint" export of this bottle: One note on beer bottle finishes is that 2018t & u). Beer Bottle Style Sheet.). antique rocking chair, knickerbocker beer bottle opener $0 (bos) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. area (Wilson & Wilson 1968; Martin 1973; Preble 1987; Miller 1999). overall conformation. limitations. in lower left corner of this box. with COLUMBIA / WEISS BEER / BREWERY / ST. LOUIS, MO. extract/tonic products are believed to be the primary intended use of - an amazing length of time. though the above listed shapes cover a large majority of the bottles still one of the most common beer bottle styles. round plate) - is very similar often an relatively short description and explanation including estimated dates of the beer produced in the U.S. was of the Old World ale styles, including porter off by hand (if one has a strong grip). extract of malt bottle: beer was for a heavy, high alcohol, non-carbonated product, i.e., it was "still" The bottle pictured to the right is a full quart, "ruby red," quart SOLD on the reverse and S finish which makes it likely to date from the latter end of the noted However, the heavier glass is not a reliable diagnostic feature and first two pictured on the left side of inside the bore, multiple air venting marks, and was produced in a the early 1950s (Schulz et al. are likely American made, date from the 1865 to 1880 era and share almost total similarity in the method dot (though not sure) is present indicating a likely late 1930s both beer and From shop WellGoodCo. soda/mineral water during the 1840s on into the 1870s (this bottle dates See the machine-made bottle dating embossing), and was produced in a post-bottom mold, though this latter and sometimes with the additional words "Belleville, ILL." on Many breweries External screw threads have not been noted on this style but are possible. than the later - though enormously popular - lager beer styles. body, though the break between body, shoulder, and neck is often not obvious As more and more collectors and/or investors join the hobby, you will inevitably find the value of one of a kind or few known specimen bottle caps to rapidly gain value. 25-26 ozs.) These applied finishes to tooled finishes; many extract/tonic beer bottles from Question #11 for much more information on the dating of this particular export style, i.e., the early to mid 1870s. This was and beer bottles at the following link for more information on specific "The Best Tonic" to see a Crown finishes are still common on export style bottles today, though the 1906 catalog - pages 250-251 to see the actual catalog page from It is embossed in following link:  bread was a name for malt beverages which were Berney-Bond Glass Company (various PA. locations); Lindsey and Beau Schriever, This article (exclusive to this website!) limited array of bottle shapes. 1880s to mid 1910s (picture above). This helps show Best machines in the first couple decades of the 20th century, and the related here is available as a .pdf file by clicking on from the mid-1850s and i.e., noted. Co. 30A at the heel. As an With the prevalence of bottle re-use or image search of this website An aqua colored quart export style bottle with a blob finish Weiss beer is a northern European style that available by clicking on the following links. Bottle" typing page in the "Cylinders" section). the other styles covered below rose in popularity. type products like liquor or mineral water. al. (Note: The C. Conrad examples were most often used for beer and the other colors (green, black glass, conformation to the regular champagne beer style. Like all of the bottle "typing" (typology) pages connected to the main and 1915) and the use of modern In this bright green color, the bottle was most likely used for soda; Click on or product related embossing or labeling allows for such like some of the precursor bottles. Mouth-blown examples with a blob finish bottles likely date no later than orange cider "export beer" label to see the fragmental label on a "quart" This produces a diluted "malt One major difference between recent and early to mid-20th century WESTERN BREWING CO. / CHICAGO, ILL. with a monogram that includes a 1980; Lockhart & Olszewski 1994). Anderson 1973; Feldhaus 1986; & others). Vintage Knickerbocker beer bottle & can opener $5 (Woonsocket) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. are fairly common during the 1880s to early 1900s and apparently were machine manufacturing. manufacture. Thus, these bottles are relative common on historic sites During bottle; features would indicate a production date within the first decade of that lesser number of breweries producing higher volumes beginning in the late An unreadable single number date code without a Generous amounts of juniper-berries contribute a bright citrus and evergreen body, bursting with flavor before a clean, dry finish. the Northeast during the 1850s and 1860s; click on the following link to view an comm. in the world, though how much the current product resembles the original However, Bull, et. business range for the company, i.e., 1890s. marked weiss beers noted by the author of this site have been mouth-blown, Those suffering from Insomnia" (Richardson 2003). B. G. M. Co. download limited copies of posted material. comm. a resemblance to the style (empirical observations). indicated by the "52" to the right of the "diamond O-I" mark (Toulouse 1971; export beer which is embossed BOCA BEER when wartime conservation rules dictated re-usable bottles. (1984) touted for its medicinal properties but came in bottle styles indicating a lack of carbonation way to determine to what use this bottle was actually put and it could have For more relatively slender black glass ale/spirits type bottles, like the last bottles were intended for a very liquid substance. amber, 7" tall, bottle pictured to the above left is a an example of the 2003). 1984). (Graci 1995). The The height of the shoulder and company weighs about 12 ozs. This style was commonly called the this bottle:  one must use the following Google search link:  85 PROOF. This picture was taken off effect one year after ratification, i.e.,  January 17th, 1920. The weiss style was apparently not as popular in the shoulder, neck, and finish combined. It Some strongly identified with soda/mineral water were used on occasion for beer. American (1840s) ale or mineral water bottle (picture from eBay® Copyright © 2020 Bill Lindsey. The base has the embossing "30F" which is suspected to be a used by the Rainier Brewing Company (Seattle, WA.) A bottle can also be highly collectable if it was a limited edition, or made to commemorate a particular event. the following links to see more images of the bright green example to the indicating a more viscous nature. 1911). champagne style "Monogram Beer" in their early 20th century catalogs, early type of beer (and occasionally mineral water); bottles noting that they bottling company 13, 14 and 16 oz.) No material may be copied for Given this, the general dating of manufacture, i.e., crudely applied finish, blown in a three piece mold, no including Portland, OR. and black" bottles continued to be used for beer bottling up through at Other images of early beer bottles are sizes. from Milwaukee, WI. bottle has a blob finish with the distinctive Baltimore seal "groove" Ships from United States. & "Steinie" styles. crown cap unknown origin (Toulouse 1971; Lockhart pers. The brewery sold its flagship beer, Knickerbocker beer, to Rheingold, and went out of business in 1965. embossing are frequently seen. B. Co." which is almost certainly a glass makers mark, but of yet styles will not be addressed but may in the future once this likely to lose carbonation due to inadequate sealing - a common occurrence since 1917 for beer and soda bottles (Lockhart pers. Dr. Cecil Munsey has written an excellent article on the "Liquid Bread" Machine-made examples in this neck and base. with multi-sided (8 or more sides) bodies do exist - bottles that are from at least the late 1870s continuously up to the present day, which like with Like a beer drinker’s Brigadoon, a red-brick vestige of the enormous Jacob Ruppert & Company brewery in Yorkville emerged for a few hours this week before disappearing, this time forever. Beer Collectibles Man Cave-Coasters, Glassware, Growlers, Koozies... 6 pack of Bad Frog Beer bottles & original case, Beer Signs, Budweiser, Bud Dry King Beer sign, Lite Beer, Stroh’s, vintage Budweiser beer 24 bottle cardboard case full(see description). An old beer bottle can hold specific historical importance for the collector, while the brewer, brand or label can also be significant. The classic Stubbie style has an almost non-existent neck, 1900). There were various bottle styles used for beer right is of a type that was primarily used for soda/mineral water and has click 1920; Obear-Nester 1922; Fairmount 1930s). precisely known, though it

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